Al-shabab takes control of Radio station

MOGADISHU ( F.M station named IQK radio was officially taken control yesterday on Monday by Islamist militias of Al-shabab who are against the transitional federal government backed by AMISOM, the radio director said.
News Keydmedia Online

“Letter from Benadir administration of Islamist militias of Al-Shabab reached us ordering to hand over the responsibility of the local radio station of IQK to them and begun from today we handed over it to Al-shabab”, said Mohamed Abduwahab Abdulahi reading the letter itself to the journalists for Mogadishu F.M stations.

The radio will function with the current name of IQK and the journalists are free and they have the options either they leave from the radio or work for it, Al-shabab would manage it, added the director.

The radio started its program last night which is greatly different from the previous programs known in it including Arabic lectures and other propaganda against the government and AMISOM.

It was 21st, May of this year when Radio Somali-Weyn was conquered and all its equipment and tools were looted by Islamist militias who control most of the country.


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