Al-shabab threatens elders in southern Somalia.

Mogadishu (Keydmedia) - Al-shabab officials led by Ali Dheere, the spokesman of the group, met the elders of Bay and Bakool regions in southern Somalia and requested the elders to help Al-shabab.
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Reports from the regions, Bay and Bakool, confirmed that Al-shabab officials who attended the meeting threatened the elders with hard punishment if they refuse to help the group with logistical and material support.

Some of the threatened elders who spoke to media said that they will not support Al-shabab for massacring Somali innocent people.

 “We will not abide by Al-shabab orders, we can’t take part annihilating Somali people,” one of the elders who requested anonymity told to media.

Al-shabab started recently to force Somali people live in the residents they control to support their ideology.

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