Al-shabab to Recruit Three Hundred Students as Militias

Al-shabab insurgents in the Juba regions have announced that they will give militia training to more than three hundred students. The students will join their militia from different schools.
News Keydmedia Online

Abdinasir Abdalla Al-Faysal who is the education officer for Al-shabab has been visiting schools today. He personally issued the order to teachers and school managers.

The militia said that it will punish those teachers and parents who will not present their children at the training camps.

Al-Faysal said that the students should be able to defend and protect the region where the schools are located from the enemies if attacked.

Al-Faysal presented a heavier task to the teachers as he ordered them to prepare the list of the students who will join the militia group after their training.

Some of the teachers are worried as the parents of their students will not accept their children to join the militia.


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