Video: Anti-Islam movie work of CIA Mormons, Zionists: Analyst

London (KON) - The recent anti-Islam film insulting the prophet of Islam has caused Muslims’ anger across the globe.
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Muslims throughout the world have staged protests to condemn the provocative blasphemous movie. 

The producer of the sacrilegious movie had reportedly been financially supported by a group of Jews. 

Press TV has conducted an interview with Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley, author and historian to further discuss the topic. 

What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview. 

Press TV: How do you quantify this whole phenomenon of trampling upon religious sanctities of Muslims specifically at this point in time? 

Tarpley: Well, I think that you have to understand that this is a deliberate provocation coming from intelligence agencies, and I would identify two or perhaps three components, the first is a Mormon mafia inside the CIA, the group of Mormon high officials of the CIA who want Romney to become president and they think that by having the kinds of events that we are seeing, they can make Obama look bad in front of the American public. 

We can call them perhaps the Brent Scowcroft faction, that was the Mormon who was the right hand man of Henry Kissinger for so many years. 

And at the same time we have to see Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel and his group in the Likud and a group of neocons who have attached themselves to the Romney campaign, in particular, John Bolton looks like he is going to be the secretary of state if Romney gets into the White House. 

So these two groups and I would add probably the Saudis, probably the Saudi religious and monarchy, hierarchy, and what they have done is the following: I think that this guy Sam Bacil or Nakula Basseley Nakula, he seems to be a Copt but the thing about him is that he leads to a group that we know, he leads the Joseph Nasrallah who runs something called Media for Christ.


And Joseph Nasrallah became notorious about two years ago when there was a plan to build a mosque in downtown Manhattan near the 9/11 site; this guy Nasrallah also a Coptic Christian from Egypt became prominent 

And once you have got Nasrallah you have got these other groups, there is a guy called Steve Klein, who promotes movies, he’s a Christian, activist; you have got the reverend Terri Jones, the infamous Qur’an burner but then you have hot another people Pamela Geller, Pamela Geller I think may be the key to this entire thing; she is a professional Islamo-phobe, very close to the Israelis and probably somewhere in the background we might have somebody like Daniel Pipes, a professor who basically has made a career out of harassing four Palestinian professors at American universities. 

So it seems to me this group they designed the movie and at the same time you have got Netanyahu coming out, I think very blatantly, saying that the United States has got to go on a path to war with Iran, that he wants a redline. 

Well, Netanyahu himself does not have a redline but wants the United States to have a redline, he wants the United States to be more Israeli than the Israelis; it is outrageous and this is a big blowback against Netanyahu for interfering so obviously because he wants his friend Romney to become president of the United States, right? 

The two of them have been joined at the hip since 1976. 

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Source: PressTV

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