Approval of Kampala accord is postponed for parliamentary disagreement.

Mogadishu (Keydmedia) - Somali MP have met on Sunday in Somali parliamentary house in Mogadishu so as to approve or disapprove Kampala accord which Somali president and parliamentary speaker, Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and Sharif Xasan Sheik Adan signed.
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In today’s meeting more than 300 MPs gathered but it ended with argument after MPs disagreed the approval of accord.

Somali president Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed attended the meeting and requested MPs to ratify Kampala accord so to enhance what he called national duty.

After the president’s request, parliamentary speaker told to lawmakers that they are to vote for Kampala accord but some of the MPs rejected and started shouting.

Police intervened and stopped the tension, but the disagreement caused that polling for Kampala accord to be delayed till Monday.

The Kampala accord - mediated by Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni on June 9 - was meant to break the political deadlock between President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and Speaker of Parliament Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden and establish a road map for national elections as well as a new constitution.

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