Armed militias abduct minibuses in Mandhera.

Nairobi (Keydmedia) - Reliable news source obtained by Keydmedia confirmed that unknown gunmen kidnapped Qad carrying vehicles in Somali-Kenyan boarder areas of Mandhera after they have stopped cars with gunpoint.
News Keydmedia Online

The kidnapped cars have been transporting Qad from Nairobi to Dolow town of Somalia, where cars carry Qad regularly, one of Dolow businessmen confirmed.

The gunmen whose exact number remained unknown attacked the cars just 15km about Mandhera and have taken all the passengers as hostage.

Kidnappers have travelled to Gedo region in southern Somalia after they seized the two cars. No casualties have been reported during kidnapping. It is uncertain if the kidnapping relates to political or financial issues.

Efforts aimed at the businesspeople to be released from kidnappers are undergoing in Dolow town of Somalia though the base of abductors is unknown, reports say.

After Somali central government collapsed two decades ago, kidnapping has been normal in Somali territory. Some hijackers aim at getting ransom, but some others take hostages the people reason of policy.

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