At least 3 people died in a heavy fighting in southern Somalia

BAIDOA (KON) - Three people were killed Wednesday when militants belonging to Al shabab group have launched an ambush attack against Somali national army in Baay region, KON reports.
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At least 3 people died in a heavy fighting in southern Somalia

The combat started with AK-47 rifle assault and rocked propelled grenades (RPGs) attacked on military convoy carrying Somali troops at an area located between Bardale and Qansahdhere districts, killing three combatants from both sides.

Locals confirmed that the fighting was heavy and both sides have used slight and big weapons during the confrontation which was raged for almost an hour,  causing death and injures sustained both rival sides. The sounds of the bullets was heard all over the surrounding areas.

 Al-shabab attacked government forces convoy from Bardale district heading to Qansahdhere district in Bay region. Sources said the militants were pushed back to the area by the Somalia troops.

Al-shabab regulalyr carry out such hit and run attacks on Somali government and their allied African Union peacekeeping troops in the country after the group lost a significant ground in the ongoing offensive.

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