AU forces in Mogadishu apprehend 4 suspected Al-shabab rebels

MOGADISHU,Somalia (Keydmedia) – The force command of African Union peacekeepers in Mogadishu, AMISOM said on Saturday that they have detained four suspected Al-shabab rebels, according to a press release.
News Keydmedia Online

The four suspected Al Shabaab members were arrested overnight in Towfiq village, inside Yaqshid District in Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia. The four men, in their mid-twenties, were seized during cordon and search operations undertaken by a joint security operations conducted by African Union and Somali security forces 

The force commander of AMISOM soldiers, Major General Fred Mugisha says the captured suspects include a twenty-five year old A/Kadir Abdulle Mohammed, the leader of the Shabaab prison together with A/fatah Muktari Mohamed, Issa Farah and Abdul Ayanle Mohamed.

The four men, all in their mid-twenties, were found in possession of a rocket propelled grenade, two sub-machine guns and 84 rounds of ammunition which they have been using to launch attacks against Somali and AU forces.

Mugisha also said that in the past one week alone, more than 50 Al Shabaab members have been captured during these ongoing operations in the capital, Mogadishu. - Mogadishu,Somalia


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