Blind Somali jihadist joins ISIS in Syria

A blind Somali jihadist who is fighting alongside ISIS militants in Syria has reportedly urged others to join the fighting , saying having a disability is no excuse
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Blind Somali jihadist joins ISIS in Syria

Taymullah al-Somali, a Dutch national who is believed to have traveled to the Middle East earlier this year, has been photographed numerous times alongside ISIS militants and is believed to be based in the capital of the self-declared caliphate, Raqqa.

The Somalia-born has been quoted on known ISIS social media accounts urging Muslims to join ISIS, reportedly saying: ‘Being blind didn’t stop me from coming to Syria, what’s your excuse?

According Daily Mail Numerous images of al-Somali have recently emerged, showing him posing alongside an international group of jihadist including at least two from Belgium, one of whom is reportedly named Hicham Chaib.
One image shows him posing with an anti-aircraft weapon while dressed in combat fatigues, while another shot shows al-Somali outside an apparent sharia law court in the city of Raqqa.

Earlier this month another Somali Canadian Farah Mohamed Shirdon was reported fighting alongside ISIS in Iraq.

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