Bomb blast wounds senior spy official in Somalia

The violence in Somalia has claimed the lives of thousands of people and displaced millions from the country since the outbreak of the civil war in 1991.

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Bomb blast wounds senior spy official in Somalia

BURHAKABA, Somalia - A police officer says a bomb explosion has wounded several people, including a top intelligence official with NISA in the southern city of Burhakabo on Monday. 

The blast, which resulted from a remote-controlled landmine struck a military escorting convoy in the vicinity of the town in the morning as the officials were on their way to work.

Capt Mohamed Hussein, a police officer said NISA's Burhakaba chief Hussein Dhuubow and former deputy district commissioner Nurow Ibrahim are among the people hurt in the attack.

Southwest police forces reached the scene of the blast and rushed the wounded officials to a nearby hospital for medical treatment. No group has claimed responsibility for the blast.


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