Children run from Mogadishu outskirts

MOGADISHU( sources close to KM13 environment south Mogadishu told that youth and children ran from that zone, fearing to be soldiered, a young boy said.
News Keydmedia Online

KM13 is located the way that links Mogadishu to Afgoi of lower shabelle and it comes under control of militias against the transitional federal government headed by president SharifSheikh Ahmed, which controls only a few parts of the capital.

One of the youth who refused his name to be used for the media told that rebels started to recruit young children in order to be soldiered forcibly and added that they ( the children ) being alert escaped from that area.

It was mid July when people in the lower Shabelle were called for to take part what they called holy war against the interim government and the African union peacekeepers bases in Mogadishu.


On the other hand, 28 years old teenager who lost an arm and a leg called for Somalis to give him aid, as he is not able to work for his wife and five children he had.

This boy was sentenced to have his leg and arm be cut down on 15th October, 2009 as he was accused that he was thief and stole something in Karan district of north Mogadishu where Al-shabab controls and the boy told he was innocent and the accusations were fake.

I used to sell bread in Suka-holaha and they said to me many times to collaborate with them, but I refused that order, the weak boy said, speaking to

It was only mid last year when four youth were sentenced to have their legs and arms is cut off and each youth missing one arm and one leg and those youth came to the government side lately.

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