Development Projects Inspired by Gal-Mudug Expatriates

Galkacyo (Keydmedia) - Somali expatriates in North America have encouraged much of the development programs that are underway in their homeland, including financial contributions that made possible the construction of the National Assembly for Gal-Mudug, a regional administration in Somalia.
News Keydmedia Online

Other infrastructure development projects were said to be an immediate priority for the Diaspora community, according to the speaker of Gal-Mudug parliament Hassan Haid, who spearheaded the efforts to engage with the diaspora community.

Speaking to a large crowd of people, the speaker called for a partnership between the local business community and the educators to address the challenges in the region, while advancing the needs of the people across the State of Gal-Mudug.

Mohamed Ahmed Alin, head of Gal-Mudug state, was among a list of speakers who praised the crucial role played by the members of the Somali expatriates in North America.

The construction was scheduled to end in due time, as National Assembly building is going to consist of two-stories, offices and modern halls for conferences. Also, it was emphasized the need to increase Police Stations in Galka

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