Facebook: $2 Billion Made in 2010

London (keydmedia) - The criticizers used to say that Facebook wasn’t making enough money because it never knew how to. Well guess what? Mark Zuckerberg’s company is now claiming that it made more than $2 Billion during 2010.
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Bloomberg officials said that they’ve been informed by some Facebook “insiders” (oh god not again) that the social platform is making way beyond what it expected. For this year, the officials were expecting the revenue to be a little bit more than $1 Billion but there expectations came to term with a complete extra 1 Billion.

Facebook’s 2009 sales were $700 million, which was just part of the big plan. The company was in the middle of monetizing its assets in a better way, and now everything is going according to the plans. Meanwhile, Ezra Gottheil – an analyst from TBR curtly said, “I’m not surprised they’re finally effectively monetizing their assets. It’s been a combination of increasing page views, increasing customer interest in social media and a tidal wave of publicity. Facebook has certainly had a big turnaround, but it’s not really a surprise. Any time you’ve got that much traffic, that much user information, and that much leverage with your users, the dollars are bound to show up eventually.”

Gottheil continued by saying, “They need to manage privacy and security issues to stay on track.” Looks like Gottheil is one major depressive who hasn’t been in Zuckerberg’s shoes. It seems that she’s already running different companies as big as Facebook in her backyard, which is why she isn’t “Surprised” or “impressed”.


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