Farmajo loyalists win reelection to Somali parliament

The opposition candidates have expressed concerns over the electoral fraud and lack of transparency of the voting process in the Lower House election.

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Farmajo loyalists win reelection to Somali parliament

MOGADISHU, Somalia  - Somalia is holding the longest electoral process in the world after the country failed to pick a new parliament in one year due to an endless political crisis.

Early this month, Somalia started the Lower House election in Mogadishu, where clan delegates selected two seats, one of them won by deputy PM Mahdi Guled representing Somaliland.

The slow-moving process saw the election of nearly 20 MPs out of the 275 seats of the House. Three of the five States - HirShabelle, Puntland, and Jubbaland are yet to begin the election.

On Saturday, two Farmajo loyalists were re-elected to the Lower House for the second term from Dhusamareb and Baidoa. They are Mursal, ex-parliament speaker, and Abdishakur Mire.

Mire is a close relative to Farmajo and he was among the lawmakers who have been unconditionally supporting the current regime which is trying to remain in power for a new 4-year tenure.

Mursal was elected in Baidoa while Mire in Dhusamareb. Both join other MPs succeeded the re-election with the help of Farmajo, who is blamed for fraud and manipulating the election.


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