Fighter jets Bomb on Al shabab-held towns in southern Somalia

KISMAYO, Somalia (Keydmedia) - Suspected Kenyan fighter jets have bombed on several Islamist militant controlled towns in southern war-ravaged Horn of Africa Somalia on Thursday, causing unidentified casualties, Keydmedia reports.
News Keydmedia Online

Sources said the jets hit missiles on Islamist military camps in Buullo-Hajji Township controlled by Al shabab fighters early on Thursday with some reports there were heavy loss upon the rebels.

Locals confirmed to Keydmedia Somali service that there were no any civilian casualties so far as a result of the bombardment against Al shabab fighters.

The insurgents said no word so far about any of their combatants were killed or hurt in the strike zone at the time of the bombardment in southern Somalia.

The militant group has lost ground to Somali government and African Union troops in recent months but still controls inconsiderable territory in southern and central Somalia.

Kenya, which has carried out air strikes in the past, did not immediately claimed responsibility. Its troops entered Somalia last October, to wipe out the Al Shabaab rebel group it accuses of being behind attacks on tourists, aid workers and security forces on its soil. - Kismayo, Somalia

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