Fighter jets bomb Kismayu Airport

KISMAYU, Somalia (Keydmedia) - Military jets have on Tuesday targeted the southern Somali Airport of Kismayu, 500 Km south of Mogadishu and an Al-Shabab stronghold, as Kenyan and Somali government forces prepare to attack the town, keydmedia reports.
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A resident in Kismayu, told Keydmedia Somali correspondent in the town that jets flew from a warship in the nearby coast hit several missiles on the main airport, causing damages of the airport’s facilities.

“First, the warplanes flew past and shortly after they dropped huge shells on the airport, came and then dropped another shells, there were no casualties,” said another residents.

The identity of the jet has not been confirmed, Kenyan troops began an air and ground offensive against Al-Shabab in southern Somalia last week, blaming the group for several kidnappings of foreigners on its soil, including a French woman who later died in captivity.

Al-Shabab officials whom contacted Keydmedia on the line for comments, declined to confirm the news. However, the casualty figure has yet to be corroborated by independent sources. - Kismayu, Somalia

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