Fiqi launches verbal attack on Galmudug leader

He accused the regional President of choosing war on Al-Shabaab over the invasion of Guri'el held by Ahlu Sunna which is not a threat to Galmudug.

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Fiqi launches verbal attack on Galmudug leader

MOGADISHU, Somalia - Former Galmudug security minister Ahmed Moalim Fiqi on Sunday launched a verbal attack on his ex-boss Qoor-Qoor, calling him a "Villa Somalia servent".

Speaking at a press conference in Dhusamareb on Sunday, Fiqi has accused the embattled Galmudug of igniting civil war in Galgadud after preparing an all-out offensive on Guri'el city.

In his reaction to the deployment of Gorgor and Haram'ad, two special units in the Somali military and police to Dhusamareb, he warned against any aggressive attack on Ahlu Sunna.

The ex-minister called on Qoor-Qoor to save his face and immediately step down for failing to lead Galmudug to peace and prosperity. "The president has lost the public confidence".

Fiqi left office on Oct. 7, announcing that his shocking resignation came after seeing that Qoor-Qoor was working on Villa Somalia's plan to trigger war in order to delay the election.

The minister said Qoor-Qoor has more energy to fight ASWJ more than Al-Shabaab, raising questions over possible links between the regional leader and the extremist group.

He warns the police and military deployed in Dhusamareb from Mogadishu by planes against participating in the civil war plotted by Qoor-Qoor in Galmudug, acting on Farmajo interests.

Fiqi, who served as the country's intelligence chief, said that during the war against Al-Shabaab in southern Mudug, SNA chief Gen Odowa refused to send reinforcements but now sending troops to the region to take part in the fight against the Ahlu Sunna, an armed Sufi that battled Al-Shabaab and driven the terrorists out of Guri'el and Dhusamareb in 2011.

Galmudug faces one of its worst crises and is on the verge of conflict that if not stopped now would lead to a bloodbath in Galgadud, where a severe drought hitting hard the residents.


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