Five die and ten others wound

MOGADISHU ( reports from the hilly villages of eastern region of Bosaso said that fighting between autonomous regions of Puntland and Islamist leader Mohamed Sa’id Atam’s militias took place last night.
News Keydmedia Online

Five soldiers are reported to have died and ten  others wounded in the battle all from forces of Puntland administration and it’s not known the casualties of Atom’s side, reports said.

Speaking to the media, Sheikh Mohamed Sa’id Atam told that he retreated for military tactics adding that he will continue the fighting against Puntland administration.

Senior officials of Puntland administration told that they finished the fighting they had with Atam and realize the security of the hilly village of Gal-gala and talked to the elders there telling that they were only fighting with terrorist leader Mohamed Sa’id Atam.

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