TV correspondent arrested in Galmudug for critical reporting

Somalia is ranked one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a journalist due to the lawlessness and anarchy in the country.

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TV correspondent arrested in Galmudug for critical reporting

MOGADISHU, Somalia - Police in Somalia’s Galmudug state arrested Mohamed Abdweli and accused him of airing false news after he reported critically on the ASWJ movement.

Tohow has been pulled from his vehicle while in line of duty in Dhusamareb and detained in the police station. His arrest was ordered by Commander Mohamed Sanjeh due to his reports.

So far, no charges were brought against the journalist who was one of the few media workers in Galmudug who dared to report reality on the ground and the re-rise of the Ahlu Sunna.

Galmudug has stepped up the intimidation, arrests, and censorship of journalists as the state faces a growing Al-Shabaab power and the comeback of Ahlu Sunna, the armed Sufi sect.

Earlier this year, Galmudug leader Ahmed Abdi Karie Qoorqoor threatened journalists who broadcast news deemed critical to his regional administration with harsh punishment. 

The reporters without borders [RSF] called on Galmudug to immediately and unconditionally release journalist Tohow arrested on Monday and respect the press freedom in the region.


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