Galmudug on the verge of falling to Al-Shabaab - Guled

The leader of the state has failed to deliver on his campaign promises as he spends most of his time in Mogadishu working Farmajo's interest. 

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Galmudug on the verge of falling to Al-Shabaab - Guled

MOGADISHU, Somalia - Former deputy Intelligence Chief Abdisalam Guled says Galmudug is on the verge of falling into the hands of the Al-Shabaab terrorist group after the country's national army abandoned several key areas in the Mudug region.

Guled said Al-Shabaab is making gains in the battle that allowed it to increase its stronghold territory in Galmudug because of the administration's negligence and failure in security.

The former top NISA official added that Galmudug president Ahmed Abdi Karie Qorqor was unsuccessful in achieving his security strategy and the plans for the fight against Al-Shabaab.

"Many people questioned president Qorqor’s security strategy and his plan towards Al-Shabaab since it is winning the war," he said, adding the terrorist group set up a roadblock in an area located 10 kilometers away from Dhusamareb, Galmudug capital on July 4.

Guled's accusation comes as Al-Shabaab recaptured Ba'adweyne in the Mudug region after the Somali army and Galmudug regional forces made a surprise withdrawal a day after wresting control of the town.

Al-Shabaab has also attacked the Wisil area near the ancient port city of Hobyo in the same region, saying it killed dozens of Somali soldiers in the latest clashes and a suicide bombing at a military base last month.

The group intensified attacks in the country ahead of the parliamentary and presidential elections with security analysts warning that Al-Shabaab could have an influence in the polls.

Al-Shabaab's power in the central regions was largely weakened 13 years ago by the Sufi sect, Ahlu Sunna which took over control of major towns such as Dhusamareb and Guri'el following deadly battles. Ahlu Sunna was destroyed by the Farmajo-led government last year.


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News 5 December 2022 19:42

There have been explosions in Aden Yabal district, which were caused by mines that Al-Shabaab planted on the entrance roads to the district as well as important centers before withdrawing.