GARISSA: Defense minister blames police laxity for insecurity

Nairobi (KON) - Defense minister Yussuf Haji has blamed the rising level of insecurity in Garissa town to laxity by the police. Haji faulted the manner through which the police handle security operations in the region saying they should always be on high alert.
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He said criminals take advantage of security lapse and asked the police to seal off crime scenes promptly.

The minister was speaking yesterday in Masalani town in Ijara when he presented medical equipment worth Sh370 million to the Ijara District Hospital. Haji took issue with the recent grenade attack on a church inside a police station where an AP chaplainwas killed. No assailants was arrested during the incident.

The minister blamed the locals for hiding criminals and not cooperating with the police. “These criminals do not come from the sky or underground. They live amongst us. Wananchi must cooperate with security agents if peace is to be restored in the region,” Haji said. The defense chief said additional police stations should be set up in the region.

The Ijara MP asked police officers to arrest criminals and not shoot at them. He was referring to the Sunday night incident where police shot dead a man they claimed was wielding a gun and wanted to open fire at them.

However, there are contradictory reports from members of the public who claim the man was not armed. They said the man had surrendered to the police who instead shot him dead. The incident spurred demonstrations in Garissa town.

Source: The Star

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