Government soldiers stop traffic in Mogadishu

MOGADISHU ( soldiers made protest which they have stopped the traffic in the south of Mogadishu where the government controls, eyewitness said
News Keydmedia Online


Government soldiers halted the transports of all directions at least two hours blocking Benadir junction to KM4 junction, the useful and important raod in the government control zone.

The army who took this protest was opening fires up the sky which they meant to disperse the crowd of people and the traffic jam there, reports said.

This step comes after the government soldiers were lack of salaries for a long period and at the same time some other government soldiers were given salaries which angered to those soldiers and they had taken action against traffic and business services there, reports said.

Government armies in the military camps in the capital, Mogadishu don’t get the same right either payment or military help and are less moral than Islamist militias against the government and AMISOM duty what is not clear to many of the people as the soldiers complained and said.



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