Gunmen critically wound Somali Elder in Afgoye town

AFGOYE (KON) - Undefined gunmen have shot and critically wounded a prominent traditional Elder in Afgoye, an agriculture-rich district located some 30Km north-west of Somalia’s capital Mogadishu, KON reports.
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Gunmen critically wound Somali Elder in Afgoye town

Three assailants armed with pistols shot Elder Mohamed Ahmed Ulusow at small but busy market in the heart of the town on Friday morning, according to Eyewitnesses who spoke to KON via phone. The perpetrators then escaped from the crime scene. 

Shortly after the shooting, Somali Security forces have sealed off the area and started search operation despite none of the executors were arrested. The victimized Elder with gunshot wounds was swiftly carried to Mogadishu hospital for treatment. 

The reason behind the botched attack aimed to shoot dead the Elder is yet unclear, but such incidents are blamed for clan feud that has been rising in the city over the past few months. 

The assassinations against elders, community leaders, businessmen and politicians have been on the rise in many areas of the south-central Somalia since the collapse of former military regime led by Mohamed Siad Barre in 1991. 

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