Hassan Dahir Aweys defies against goals of Al-shabab leader

MOGADISHU, Somalia (Keydmedia )- Hassan Dahir Aweys a Somali leader who was joined in Al-shabab after the failure of his islamist wing of Hisbul Islam has today declared his first opponent language against the intension of Al-shabb rebel group leader.
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While addressing at a mosque in rebel-held Elasha-Biyaha village, out of Mogadishu, The leader warned Al-shabab leader Ahmed Godane to resist his immoral stiff stance towards the shedding of the innocent people’s blood in the country without meaning.

Mr. Aweys urged Al-shabab rebels to stop terrorizing Somalis to express and voice freely their rightful opinions towards the future of the country which has lacked a functioning central government since 1991. Mr Hassan has also mentioned that the group is not going forward and not directed to the right any time. 

This unprecedented news from Hassan Dahir Aweys came after the Al-shabab senior leaders have already opposed the ideology the group, Abuu Mansuur Alamriki has sent a video last month describing that his fellow Jihadists want to kill him.

The disagreement between Al-shabab senior leader has been growing since Ahmed Godane realized that his position is in danger by Hassan Dahir Aweys and Mukhtar Robow known as ‘Abu Mansor’ following the merger of Al-shabab and Al-Qaeda.

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