Huge protest overshadows Somali capital.

Mogadishu (Keydmedia) - After Somali prim minister announced last night that he will resign for the sack of agreement between president and parliamentary speaker, people in Mogadishu started demonstration against the resignation of the prim minister and the bad step taken by president and parliamentary speaker.
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Thousand of people marched Mogadishu main streets to show their support for the prime minister and their refusal of Kampala agreement which its result caused the prime minister’s announcement of resignation.

The protesters have been shouting “We want the prime minister to be in his post, we don’t want the decision of president and parliamentary speaker”.

Some of the protesters and military forces confiscated Somali presidential palace throwing stones to the houses of president and parliamentary speaker.

Meanwhile, Somali prim minister and president, Mohamed Abdullah Mohamed, and Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed retuned to Mogadishu Somali capital on Thursday after attended conservational meeting in Kampala, Ugandan capital.

Somali prim minister, Mohamed Abdullah Mohamed, who was due to return back to Mogadishu, delayed early on Thrusday but no one knows what caused his trip with the president.

Information minister of Somalia has confirmed that Somali president Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, and parliamentary speaker, Sharif Hasan Sheikh Adan agreed to oust the current prime minister and name new one to get power sharing cabinet.
 Demonstration has paralyzed all basic civilian service in Mogadishu.  

The current cabinet, led by Mohamed Abdullah Mohamed have been working maximum seven months and had made development over its fighting against the militant linked to Al-Qaeda terrorist group.

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