Ikran murder suspects try to escape from Mogadishu - source

NISA is embroiled in a split over the leadership as the outgoing president and PM are at loggerheads of the control of the powerful spy agency.

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Ikran murder suspects try to escape from Mogadishu - source

MOGADISHU, Somalia - The main suspects in the murder case of the Intelligence official Ikran Tahlil Farah had been making attempts to escape from Mogadishu for the past two weeks, Keydmedia Online has learned. 

The new security Minister Abdullahi Mohamed Nur, who is in office for days, issued an order banning the suspects to board a plane at Aden Adde airport as an investigation is underway. 

The alert prompted the Immigration officers and security agencies at the airport to stop a clandestine trip by senior NISA officials as they have tried to flee from prosecution. 

According to the sources, Abdikani Dhirane alias [Wadna-Qabad], who appeared on a list of NISA officials accused of having a role in the killing of Ikran was blocked from a trip on Saturday.

Abdullahi Kulane, the de facto deputy NISA director was turned away by the security forces acting on the security minister's directives from his flight to his hometown in the Gedo region.

The Intelligence members accused of abduction and the subsequent murder of Ikran Tahlil are making their best to flee ahead of the pending report by the court next Thursday. 

The family of the slain spy agent lodged a lawsuit in the military court last week, demanding the prosecution of Fahad Yasin, ex-NISA head, Yasin Farey, Abdullahi Kulane, and Abdikani.

After being sacked as NISA head, Fahad Yasin, who is the alleged mastermind of the killing was appointed as a new national security advisor to the outgoing president to get impunity.


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