Internally displaced people flee back to Mogadishu

MOGADISHU, Somalia (Keydmedia) - Civilians today flocked back to Mogadishu from its surroundings where a bloody battle is raging in the fourth-day on between Somalia government forces and AU peacekeepers on one side and Al-Shabab, Keydmedia reports.
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Most of the people fled from their homes in Eelasha-Biyaha, Tareedisho(km13), Garasbaleey, Alamada, Arbiska, Lafoole and other locations in the Lower Shabelle region of southern Somalia.

Keydmedia English News correspondent in Mogadishu interviewed some of those fleeing to the capital from the conflict zones, among them is Abdiqadir Mohamed.

Abdiqadir like many others fled his home due to the heavy shelling and fighting ongoing in those areas. He pleaded with the warring sides to take their war outside civilian population centers and to open up escape routes for those who are trapped in the conflict.

The provincial commissioner for the Lower Shabelle, Abdiqadir Mohamed Nur Sidi who briefed the press in Ex-Control Afgoye urged the humanitarian agencies to be swift and to provide assistance to the hundreds fleeing from the conflict zones.

Mr. Abdiqadir Nur also revealed that AMISOM and TFG forces were closing on Afgoye district, 30 Km south of Mogadishu and will seize it within a matter of hours.

Civilians often carry the brunt of these unending wars in the impoverished African nation. - Mogadishu, Somalia

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