Int’l community calls for credible House election amid voter fraud

The ongoing election for the Lower and Upper House members was marred by fraud and manipulation by the outgoing leaders at the Villa Somalia.

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Int’l community calls for credible House election amid voter fraud

MOGADISHU, Somalia - As the ongoing election for the Lower House seats is marred by fraud and manipulation by Farmajo, the international community called for a credible process. 

In a joint statement, the International partners urged the completion of an inclusive election acceptable by all electoral stakeholders and the Somali people according to a published timetable, by 24 December 2021 and for presidential elections to be completed imminently thereafter.

"We call for full transparency in all related processes, including selection committee appointments, delegates selection, candidate registration, the reservation of seats for women candidates, to comply with the agreed 30 percent quota, and the management of candidate fees," reads the statement in part.

They asked the electoral committees to facilitate observation of all polling station activities and respect for the right of candidates to stand for election under conditions of genuine and fair competition for the 275 Lower House seats.

The statement comes amid complaints by the opposition candidates and the union of the presidential candidates who accused Villa Somalia of hijacking the electoral process of Somalia.

Farmajo who is seeking re-election blocked several candidates who are critics of his administration from running for parliamentary seats, including  Jawari and Gen Turyare, ex-NISA boss.


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