Islamists authorise hyena meat in Southern Somalia

MOGADISHU (KON) - Residents in the port city of Kismayo have began consuming hyena meat for the first time after Al Shabab militants approved it, Hiiraan Online reports.
News Keydmedia Online

Hunting, trading and eating of hyena produce is spreading in the area, which led to a shock among the locals.

Anonymous mother in Kismayo told Hiiraan Online that the consumption of this meat increased in the city in the past few months.

She says the price of hyena meat has risen and it is affordable to only rich people slowly become a local delicacy.

Consumption of hyena meat became a matter of discussion to the puplic, which is historically very alien to the Somali culture.

Another resident in Kismayo told Hiiraan Online that there are some restaurants that began serving hyena meat with different menu.

According to Islamic teachings consuming the meat of scavengers is prohibited, but Alshabab insists that this kind of meat is approved by Islam.

Islamic scholars in Kismayo gave contradicting interpretations to the matter.

Source: Hiiraan Online

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