Kenyan intelligence threaten Somali TV, radio stations in Nairobi

In what is seen as a move to silence the popular uprising against the conspiracy of the international community and the regional countries on Jubbaland, Kenyan intelligence officials have raided an event held by traditional elders from The traditional elders met in Nairobi’s Eastleighsuburb to discuss the unfair and bias initiative by the international community to resolve the crisis of Jubbaland and formation of regional state administration for these regions.
News Keydmedia Online

TV, Radio and websites invited to attend the meeting were harassed and questioned by the Kenyan intelligence officials, who acted on behalf of Nuradin Yusuf Haji, the son of Kenyan state minister for defence.

The intelligence officials told the journalists that they will be arrested and their equipment be destroyed if they try to air anything said by the elders at the meeting.

“We do not want to hear anything regarding this meeting on air, you will regret being born in this world if you dare to do that you will never be seen again” one official was herd as he threatened the frightened journalists.

The Jubbaland biased initiative was launched by Kenya’s defence minister Mohamed Yusuf Haji and other officials from his clan, who have the aim of conquering Jubbaland for their clansmen.  

The clan project included recruiting militants from Ogaden clan in North Eastern Province of Kenya.

Kenya recently hosted a so called meeting on Jubbaland, inviting some individuals, who claim to be the owners of Jubbaland.  

In what was seen as shame and hypocrisy, the meeting also invited Mohamed Warsame Darwish, the former intelligence chief of Abdullahi Yusuf, a move that showed genocide is looming in Jubbaland, since Darwish was accused by human rights agencies of atrocities in Mogadishu.

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