Kenyan leadership starts to understand the Ogadeni conspiracy

New York (Keydmedia) - After a meeting with Somali premier, the Kenyan Prime Minister, Raila Odinga for the first time declared that his country did not recognize the so called Azania state formed in Kenya few months ago. To many it was a surprise statement from a Kenyan leader, but on the other hand it shows that Nairobi has felt the heat of peoples’ anger over the clan hoax administration announced in April 2011.
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Mr Odinga spoke after having lengthy talks with his Somalia counterpart Abdiweli Muhammad Ali in Nairobi.

Last week Somali government expressed deep concern over Kenya’s military incursion, suspecting that Kenyan leaders of Ogaden clan are using the operation to back clan state in Jubba regions.

The Somali prime minister is visiting Kenya , when Nairobi government last week requested an explanation after the Somali president claimed the military operation had been undertaken without Somalia’s agreement.

Although Kenyan top leadership has genuine goals of eliminating Al-Shabab, but its widely known that the Kenyan minister of defence Muhammad Yusuf Haji, his son, who is an intelligent officer and other Kenyan Ogadeni politicians

were secretly using the Kenyan institution to achieve clan goals including a creation of a state that will bring together Ogadenis in Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia.

In Somali the Ogaden clan resides only in one district called Afmadow in Lower Jubba region, but the dream is to conquer the whole Jubba regions that consist of more than ten districts, with different clans residing.

In Kenya the Ogaden resides in parts of North Eastern Province, while in Ethiopia they live with other Somali clans in Zone Five region. In both countries, Kenya and Ethiopia the Ogadenis are not the majority of Somali community living there.

The Ogaden communities in Kenya and Ethiopia enjoyed huge support from Somali government since Somalia’s independence, specially during the ear of “Greater Somalia dream”. Its believed that it was that support that plunged Somalia into the current endless crisis, and surprisingly it’s the Ogadenis in Kenya and Ethiopia who became the obstacle to Somalia achieving lasting peace.

Wagoshanews, New York, USA

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