Landmine blast kills 8 Ethiopian soldiers in central Somalia

Beledweyn ( - Witnesses say at least eight Ethiopian solders were killed in a landmine explosion occurred on Wednesday in the heart of Beledweyn town of Hiran region in central Somalia.
News Keydmedia Online

Reports say, a remote-controlled landmine was targeted on Ethiopian troops who have been walking on the pavements of a road near a bridge in an unpopulated Nur Hawd village in Beledweyn town. The thud of the explosion and crackle of gunfire could be heard across the town, according to the local residents.

After the blast, hundreds of Ethiopian soldiers have reached at the scene and began search operation and investigations to hunt down the masterminds of the incident. It is the third explosions targeted on the Ethiopian troops in in Beledweyn in less than a month.

No one has so far claimed the responsibility of the attack, but witnesses in Beledweyn said, the situation is now tense as the soldiers still present at the streets who stopped temporarily the public movement and business activities in the town.

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