Local welfare agency’s center‘DBG’ is surrounded the second day

MOGADISHU (Keydmedia.net)- Reports from KM13 south Mogadishu say that local welfare agency was surrounded by Al-shabab forces there
News Keydmedia Online

The local welfare agency named DBG owned the center where it was watering internally displaced people “IDPs’ there had been water tanks in the centre and poor people who fled from the endless fighting in Mogadishu which the Islamist ordered not to move anywhere until they hand over the agency’s arms and all other properties in the center, one of the hostage told keydmedia.net through telephone line.

DBG had already moved from that area after Head of the agency Omar Fiasko was killed by the Islamist insurgents there and now the center which Al-shabab bordered owns by Omar Fiasko’s brother Haji Abukar.

Hand guns and keys of engines that were supplying energy of the center were asked to give to the Islamists by force or otherwise they would be punished and there were about 20 families living in the center and they are guiding it attentively.

Islamist militias are attacking all welfare agencies or giving warnings against their activity in Somalia alleging that they are in Somalia to spread Christianity to the Muslim people of Somalia as insurgents believe.



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