Militant group confiscates weapons, battle vehicles belong to clan militias.

Dinsor (Keydmedia) - Al-Qaeda linked terrorist group Alshabab, have seized forcibly battle vehicles and weapons including rifle and RBG guns which are owned by local clan after operations in Dinsor district of Bay region in southern Somalia, eyewitness confirmed to Keydmedia network.
News Keydmedia Online

The reports say that the group’s the administration in Bay and Bakool regions on Wednesday conducted the villages of Dinsor district of Bay region and obtained the weapons and battle vehicles belong to clan militias, the number of battle wagons is estimated about 20.

The elders of the clan condemned Al-shabab of robbing their special properties and called to bring back to them.

The guerrilla who has close link to Al-Qaeda network has yet not commented about the move so far, but Al-shabab is accustomed to confiscating the people’s property.

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