Mogadishu police chief fired for suspending house sitting

The police commander has announced early on Monday that he suspended the parliament session. 

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Mogadishu police chief fired for suspending house sitting

MOGADISHU, Somalia - The Commander-in-Chief of the Somali police force General Abdi Hassan Hijar has fired Benadir regional police commissioner Sadak John shortly after he announced unexpected order to suspend the parliament session on Monday.

In a statement, Hijar appointed Farhan Mohamed Aden Qarole who was Haram'ad's boss as the new Mogadishu police commander, replacing Sadak John. 

The incoming city's police chief Farhan Qarole is an Al-Shabaab defector who joined other follow militants infiltrated in the security forces of the government 5 years ago.

This move comes amid reports of term extension by the incumbent president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo who divided the parliament to reach his goal to stay in power beyond his mandate expired last February. 


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