Mogadishu mortar shelling kills 3 from 1 family

MOGADISHU, Somalia (Keydmedia)-At least three people were killed, among them women and children and nine others injured in a heavy bombardment on several villages in the Somalia’s chaotic capital, Mogadishu, Keydmedia reports.
News Keydmedia Online

Eyewitnesses confirmed to Keydmedia English News that the dead ones were all from one family whose house located at Zone-k in Hodon district was slammed overnight by a mortar shell which was fired from undisclosed location in Mogadishu.

“A mortar shell slammed into a house overnight, killing three people from one family. People were sleeping when the mortar shells started falling. It was a disaster that shocked everyone,” a witness told Keydmedia English News by phone from Mogadishu.

The victimized people, including women and young children were this morning taken to the hospitals in Mogadishu to receive medical treatment.  No group claimed responsibility for the attack.

Local residents in Mogadishu are prone to suffer injures and death the ongoing overnight shells and daily fighting and blasts in the capital between Somalia government forces with AU soldiers and Al shabab militants.

The rebel group has waged a bloody five-year campaign to topple Somalia

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