MPs elected in Baidoa as Somalia struggles to finalize polls by March 15

The country's leaders are under the US pressure to hold the election on its time and end their differences that tripled the state-building efforts.

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MPs elected in Baidoa as Somalia struggles to finalize polls by March 15

BAIDOA, Somalia - Clan electoral delegates in Baidoa city have elected six lawmakers that will join dozens of members who will represent Southwest State in the upcoming Somali parliament.

The ongoing parliamentary election in Somalia faces another risk of delay as the government and the Federal States fail to complete the members of the Lower House on the agreed timetables.

The process which began in July 2021 with the Senate election has been beset by frequent postponements due to the standoff between the political leaders competing over the parliament seats.

The election is taking place in 11 polling stations, the five Federal States, and Mogadishu, the capital, where MPs for the northern regions and the Benadiri community were elected last month.

There are reports of widespread corruption and irregularities in the electoral process as the leaders of the regional states are picking loyal MPs to bargain in the presidential vote, sources said.

For instance, Puntland leader Said Deni is reported to be planning to run for Somali president while his Southwest state counterpart Abdiaziz Lafta-Gareen is eyeing the speaker of the Lower House.

The government is under US pressure to hold the complete election and end the political rift that tripled the state-building efforts. Last Month, Washington imposed visa restrictions for the leaders for undermaining the democracy. 


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