Muktar Robow disproves differences among them

MOGADISHU( top leader of Somali insurgent group Muktar Robow Abu Mansur disproved reports claiming that he (Robow) and Ahmed Godane disputed about their group leadership
News Keydmedia Online

Speaking inside a mosque in Mogadishu after Friday prayer yesterday on 8th October, Mr. Robow confirmed that there were no differences between him and Ahmed Godane and whole the insurgents fighting the transitional federal government baked by the African union peacekeeping forces.


Robow Abu Mansor told his supporters and the media that final part of the fighting which they had announced in the holy Ramadan month, adding they gained victory over that war as he said the speech.

Robow sent new call and message to Al-qaeda leader Usama Bin Ladin that what he called his Somali students are united and not divided.

Robow’s statement comes as local and international media were releasing news nowadays about that the dispute between  Ahmed Godane and Robow about power sharing issues.

The transitional government already told that militias loyal to Muktar Rabow had withdrawn front lines of the battle which goes in the capital Mogadishu and went to back to Bay and Bakol regions southwest Somali which he wanted to establish new guerrilla as press release from information ministry is said early.

Equally the African union peacekeeping forces said that the conflicts among Al-shabab leaders led them reach many areas they used to control and are close to conquer whole Mogadishu.

People in the capital, Mogadishu were talking about the latest political system of Somalia, in particular the destruction and differences of Godane and Mansor

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