New rift erupts between Somali president, speaker.

Mogadishu (Keydmedia) - Reliable news source obtained by Keydmedia confirmed that new rift erupted between Somali president and parliamentary speaker, Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and Sharif Hasan Sheikh Adan.
News Keydmedia Online

Somali president and parliamentary speaker met for the first time since Mohamed Abdullah Mohamed, former prime minister left the office, and they consulted how the new prime minister could be named.

This rift comes after the two whom their previous high rift recently was resolved in Kampala, disagreed the appointment of new prime minister.

Somali president wants to name the acting premier, Abdi Weli Mohammed, as the real prime minister, but parliamentary speaker disagreed after Puntland leader telephoned to parliamentary speaker and boycotted the proposal of president.

Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed   insisted his proposal and said he will never change his view towards the appointment of the premier, but Sharif Hasan Sheikh Adan who is close friend with Puntland leader pulled out the meeting with president alleging he wants Puntland leader’s idea to be respected.

It can’t be imagined how this new rift could be resolved, but some Somali intellectuals say that it is a new way of deteriorating Somali political crisis.

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