NISA boss wants Ikran’s case be addressed at crisis meeting

It's unclear if PM Roble will accept Fahad's proposal to resolve the case in a meeting, which seems a new tactic to escape from being sacked over Ikran's case.

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NISA boss wants Ikran’s case be addressed at crisis meeting

MOGADISHU, Somalia - The chief of Somalia's Intelligence Agency Fahad Yasin has responded to the PM's demand to submit a comprehensive report on Ikran Tahlil's case in 48 hours. 

In a letter dated September 5 obtained by Keydmedia English, Fahad requested Farmajo, PM Roble, and Lower House speaker Mohamed Mursal to convene a crisis meeting.

NISA boss suggested the case of Ikran, the female spy agent be addressed at a National Security Conference of the government and regional states that is chaired by Farmajo.

The notorious intelligence agency is embroiled with numerous criminal cases, including the murder of Ikran Tahlil, a 25-years-old girl who was abducted on June 26 of this year.

NISA issued a statement last Thursday that was published on State TV's Facebook announcing the girl was kidnapped and subsequently killed by Al-Shabaab in an undisclosed area.

The terrorist group has vehemently denied the allegations as baseless, saying it has nothing to do with the murder of Ikran Tahlil, the NISA's cybersecurity department head.

As confusion grows, PM Roble has given Fahad Yasin a 48-hour ultimatum to submit a full report on the girl's case, saying the previous NISA report was insufficient and unacceptable.

As new intelligence information disclosed, Fahad got married in Turkey just days ago and enjoying his honeymoon in a five-star hotel in the coastal city of Antalya. 


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Warar 20 September 2021 10:10

Kaliya, Kooxda Fahad, waxa ay sheegeen in Maryan, xubno ka mid ah ehelkeeda ay ka mid yihiin Al-Shabaab, isla-markaana gabar caawiye u ahayd oo la yiraahdo Hodan ay u baxsatay dhanka Al-Shabaab, taas oo ilaa iyo hadda aysan u keenin wax caddeyn ah.