Puntland leader cancelled elders’ trip to Kampala.

GAROWE (KEYDMEDIA) Abdi Rahman Faroole, Puntiland administration leader, ordered elders of Bari region not to fly form Somalia after the decided to travel to Ugandan capital so as to participate conference in which they have been invited.
News Keydmedia Online

The conference which Faroole refused elders to take part was arranged by UN especial representatives for Somalia Augotina Mahiga, who invited elders from whole Somali country so as to discuss Somali future.

Some reliable sources say that Augotina Mahiga wants to satisfy the elders with Kampala accord which most of Somali intellectuals rejected to accept.

Kalif Ow Ali, one of the elders Froole cancelled their trip to Kampala, criticized him (Faroole) for refusing an important meeting for Somali affairs.


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