Roble and Khaire under pressure to break silence on missing boys

The UN in the latest report confirmed that Somali soldiers fought in the Tigray region. 

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Roble and Khaire under pressure to break silence on missing boys

MOGADISHU, Somalia – Pressure on the current and former Somali Prime ministers is mounting as families demand an explanation for the fate of their sons reportedly killed in the Tigray conflict last year.

The parents of the missing cadets are desperate and have been holding rallies in parts of the country, including the capital since news about Somali soldiers died in battle against TPLF in northern Ethiopia.

A new UN report makes clear that the Somali troops had been moved from Asmara into Ethiopia and sighted in the Tigray region, where they fought along ENDF and Eritrean soldiers against the rebel group.

The ex-prime minister Hassan Ali Khaire who has been in office during the recruitment and his successor Mohamed Hussein Roble, to break their silence and answer the questions about the missing trainees.

Khaire is wanted to clarify the following issues related to the missing soldiers:

1 – The number of youths dispatched to Eritrea 
2 – Who was behind their dispatch 
3 – The motive 
4 – Why the recruitment was made covertly 
5 – Why he accepted the recruitment of soldiers not serving in SNA

PM Roble should answer:

1 – The whereabouts of the youths 
2 – How many died in the Tigray conflict 
3 – The fact about claims that some of the soldiers escaped from their training camps and held hostage in Oromia 
4 – The response and plans to prosecute those who sent the sons to foreign war

These questions are posed by Somali parents, who believe that Roble and Kheyre can help find their children, and called on them to take responsibility as Farmajo and Fahad Yasin kept silent on the issue.


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