Selcuk Unal: “Turkey has no ulterior motives in Somalia” Exclusive interview with KM

ANKARA, Turkey ( Keydmedia) - Turkish government said on Sunday that it has no any hidden purposes in assisting the drought and famine stricken families in the horn of Africa violence-ridden country, Keydmedia reports.
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In an exclusive interview with KEYDMEDIA Somali, Mr. Selcuk Unal, the spokesman of Turkish government for the relief projects said Turkey has assisted Somalia with close to 365 million USD in aid over the past year. He added that Turkey’s heartfelt assistance to Somalia was a long-term strategy to help the nation move out of 21-year conflict.

“Our aim was to help our Muslim Somali brothers hit by the drought and famine. We delivered mixture of humanitarian aid to those most in need. I make you clear that Turkey has no ulterior motives in Somalia,” Mr. Selcuk Unal, added during the interview with KEYDMEDIA.

Selcuk Unal also stated that Turkish government together with its people has left stone unturned to help Somalia in the past. He that Turkish people has raised 365 million USD to relocate malnourish and provide medical assistance to the internally displaced people (IDPs) of Somalia.

“Turkish aid project intended Somalis is four-step approach: First reconstruction. Second, relocation of the IDPs, advancing and encouraging land cultivation or agriculture and rebuilding factories, third, building and reparing the educational institution of the country,” Selcuk Unal, told KEYDMEDIA Somali.

When asked about the main obstacles that halted the regular Turkish Airline’s Flight to Mogadishu, he answered: “Everything is going intto normal.”

Keydmedia questioned again Mr. Unal secret reports telling that Somali PM Abdiweli Mohammed Ali put rigid pressure on Turkish Airline’s Flights; he replied that the flights are currently going better. - Nairobi, Kenya

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