Shoddy clan intelligence puts Kenyan forces into trouble

Nairobi (Keydmedia) - Following the death of innocent Wagosha/Bantu people in Jilib District in southern Somalia, reports suggest that members of Ogaden clan who support so called Azania state provided false information to Kenyan forces to attack innocent people.
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The Kenyan forces are accused of carrying out air strike targeting a displaced people camp in Jilib town of Middle Jubba Region in southern Somalia.

It has been reported that at least 12 people have been killed and dozens others injured when two Kenyan jets raided the Somali town of Jilib. The jets reportedly bombed an Al-Shabab base and a nearby internally displaced people camp.

The Kenyan military has denied involvement in Sunday’s [30 October] killing of three civilians during the operation.

A statement from the Department of Defence in Nairobi said Kenyan troops were only responsible for the killing of 10 Al-Shabab militants in the region during an aerial attack.

But reliable sources told Wagoshanews in Mogadishu that some Ogadeni clan members have vowed to direct Kenyan planes to areas inhabited by innocent Wagosha people, so that they can ensure that their campaign of eliminating the Wagosha people from the land succeeds.

The Wagosha Movement of Somalia has said it was supporting the Kenyan operation against Al-Shabab, but warned over any exploitation by members of Ogadeni politicians in Kenya or in Somalia, who have a motive fo creating a clan entity in Jubba regions, but lied to Kenyan government that the purpose was to create a buffer zone.

Wagoshanews, Mogadishu

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