Somali troops repel terrorist attack on military base

Local officials say the militants have suffered heavy losses during the attack in the southern key town.

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Somali troops repel terrorist attack on military base

MOGADISHU, Somalia -  A Somali military official says Southwest State forces have foiled an Al-Shabaab daring attack and inflicted heavy casualties on the militants on Wednesday. 

Heavy fighting between the two sides erupted in Burhakaba district in the Bay region following an ambush raid against a military base, located some 60 kilometers away from Baidoa city.

According to the local residents, both sides have exchanged artillery and light fire during an hours-long battle at Shinaham army camp which is manned by the regional forces. 

The details of the casualties remained unclear but reports from the area indicate that Southwest troops began a security operation in the town after Al-Shabaab was pushed back.

Al-Shabaab has in the past few months intensified attacks against Somali and AU military bases as the country is holding a parliamentary election happening in the Federal States.


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