Somali forces dislodge militants from key areas

The operation was carried out in Shaam-Garre, Raqaleey, Raydableey, Golole, Anoley and Gumeysidiid areas, all under Barire district in Awdheegle district of Lower Shabelle region.

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Somali forces dislodge militants from key areas

MOGADISHU, Somalia - Somali forces have made advances on several fronts in the southern Lower Shabelle region, clearing militants from a key military command base, officials said. 

The SNA forces retook control of Shaam-Garre, Raqaleey, Raydableey, Golole, Anoley, and Gumeysidiid areas, all under Barire and Awdheegle districts of the conflict-hit province near the capital.

Abdullahi Mustaf, a senior military official said the capture followed an operation by the Somali forces, noting there was no resistance as Al-Shabaab militants vacated the area following reports of troops' movement.

Awdheegle district and the nearby Barire have attacked several times by Al-Shabaab since the group lost the key area to Somali and African Union forces last year during a joint offensive.

Despite facing defeats on the battlefields and facing the U.S. airstrikes, the Al-Qaeda-linked group still controls large swathes of territory in the south and central Somalia.


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