Somali government calls for crucial election talks

The upcoming meeting will take place in Mogadishu this week as the Senate election failed to become a more transparent and fair vote.

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Somali government calls for crucial election talks

MOGADISHU, Somalia - Somalia's prime minister on Sunday invited the five regional leaders and Mogadishu mayor to a fresh round of negotiations in the capital amid slow in the electoral process for Senate.

The PM held a ZOOM meeting last night with the signatures of the May 27 election deal and agreed to convene in Mogadishu next Thursday, August 19th, to focus on preparations for the Lower House polls.

Sources privy to the PM's office told Keydmedia Online that Roble is not happy about the way the election started after fraud and irregularities merged in the first polls held by Puntland, Galmudug, Southwest, and Jubaland.

The regional leaders are hand-picking the Senators in a way that signals there are two opposing camps - Villa Somalia and the opposition fighting for the majority of the Senate's 54 seats.

The big battle is coming as every side is preparing for the Lower House election in which each MP is elected by 101 clan electoral delegates whose votes are on sale and could win by the deep-pocket candidates.

The next election talks will also seek donor funds for the electoral exercise as the government appealed in the past for financial support from the international partners, including the UN, EU, and the US.

Last week, Somali PM held a meeting with foreign diplomats in Nairobi during his Kenya visit in an effort to get millions of US dollars to hold a peaceful election in Somalia this year.


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