Somali Govt spokesman wounded in suicide attack

It's the second attack happening in the capital this month which shows that the security is getting out of the government hands.

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Somali Govt spokesman wounded in suicide attack

MOGADISHU, Somalia - Somali government spokesman Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu was wounded in Mogadishu after a suicide bomber detonated his explosive-laden vest at his car on Sunday morning while driving to his workplace.

Moalimuu, a former BBC Somali service journalist has been admitted to Turkish-run Digfeer hospital in the capital for treatment, according to his colleagues and the state media.

Somali PM Mohamed Hussein Roble has strongly condemned the odious terrorist attack targeting the government spokesman and wished him a quick recovery.

The office of the Prime minister said Moalimuu is in stable condition and his wounds are not life-threatening. Al-Shabaab has immediately took the responsibility for Sunday’s bombing in the capital.

It’s the second such attack to rock the seaside long-chaotic city in days as the political leaders in the country reached a deal to finalize the much-delayed election by February 25.


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