Somali Govt forces thwarts Al shabaab attacks in Gedo region

LUUQ, Somalia (Keydmedia) – According officials, Soldiers loyal to the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia in Gedo region have on Wednesday thwarted a coordinated suicide attack by Al shabab elements, Keydmedia reports.
News Keydmedia Online

Security officials told Keydmedia by phone on condition of anonymity that they seized two young Al shabab agents with large explosive devises that intended to detonate civilian targets in Luq town, Gedo province.

“The captured Al shabab fighters entered the town of Luq on Tuesday afternoon from Burdhube area to blow up at a meeting held by local traditional elders opposed the ongoing conference in Mogadishu,” an official said.

Since Al shabab was driven out many towns in Gedo region, they had begun carrying out attacks against Somalia and its allied forces in the region. - Mogadishu, Somalia

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