Somali, Kenyan forces siege Afmadow, southern Somalia

AFMADOW, Somalia (Keydmedia) - Reports reaching the news desk of Keydmedia from the rebel-held town of Afmadow said that heavily armed Somali and Kenya forces put the town under siege, a military move is to seize the city from Al-Shabaab who are in control.
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Mohmud Farah, one of the military commanders in lower Jubba area told Keydmedia English News on the telephone from the town that they (the allied forces) have completely surrounded Afmadow and the have put it under siege 

He said they are expecting Afmadow to fall into their hands within two days.

Similarly, he said government troops in Lower Jubba have been in deployment for one year now and they have made tangible progress in the war against Al-Shabaab rebels linked with Al Qaeda. 

Mr. Farah said they have captured several towns from Al-Shabaab and now they are planning to capture the rest of the areas still under Al-Shabaab power.

Government Somalia troops are currently engaged in war with Al-Shabaab and they intending to put the whole country under government control but Al-Shabaab is giving little resistance.

Keydmedia - Mogadishu, Somalia

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